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The Workshop Setting

At Thavron, we frequently travel to clients’ sites for design workshops, discovery sessions, project kickoffs/transitions, and other learning opportunities.   While these are intensely productive, they are most often aligned with a specific client project or problem.

In order to grow  into a mature ITFM/TBM  or Service Portfolio Management team, you need to invest in opportunities where  can learn domain best practices and continue to build a network of peers who will support you throughout the year.  By getting outside of the office setting and into a workshop setting for one day, you allow yourself to focus on the material and discussion at hand without being distracted by day to day routine. 

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Learn and Lead gets a home at the Hyatt

We are excited to announce that for the last 2018 Workshop and all of the 2019 workshops, we have a new home at the Indianapolis Airport Hyatt Place Hotel

The Hyatt offers an Airport Shuttle, making transportation to and from the workshop seamless and free. 

In Addition, the hotel has comfortable spacious rooms if you decide to stay overnight, or arrive the night before the workshop begins.  Rooms are available at a special discount rate- just be sure to mention the code “Thavron Solutions” when you call 1-888-478-8955 to book your stay.