A Shift to the Virtual Dimension

ITFM TBM chancing change

I need to do the most important thing first: How are you doing?

These are stressful times and organizations are facing challenges that are compounded by the personal challenges in everyone’s lives.

I sincerely hope that everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves.  And not just yourself, but your team and your family. This is the time we all need to work on being flexible, but that new flexibility can bring growing pains. During this challenging time, we are all pivoting our normal ways of doing things in order to continue accomplishing goals and providing our respective organizations, companies, and communities the level of effort and skills they need to survive and thrive during this difficult time.

With that in mind, Thavron Solutions will be changing our on-site TBM/ITFM workshops and classes into interactive Webinar presentations until further notice. 

Hopefully, this will provide the TBM/ITFM community a way to sharpen their skills and continue on their learning path while adhering to our national responsibility to do what we can to keep social distancing.  In addition to becoming Virtual, we will be offering a significant reduction in the registration cost to attend our May Workshop.  The standard registration fee for in-person workshops is $499 per person, but in order to try to keep our community together and have at least some virtual socialization, we are reducing registrations to just $49 per person.  Although we added a few seats for the virtual session, these are not unlimited size- be sure to grab a seat before they are sold out.

We will also be offering monthly virtual live-streamed talks with featured speakers about current TBM/ITFM topics that are foremost on people’s minds.  These talks are free and interactive, so please join us and your fellow practitioners. for topical discussion.  Our next live-stream on April 16 is focused on how COVID-19 is impacting ITFM practitioners and organizations. Our guest panelists are Ginger Allen, Guidewell and Tony Rees, Minnesota IT Services.  You can register to participate in the interactive live stream here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/2215862019622/WN_Nun7lg9YTiGqMmV-6qKuMw

Some of the conferences we were planning to attend have done some virtual shifts as well, so be sure to watch for updates on how to see our conference presentations, and to interact with us virtually at those online gatherings.

We hope to see you soon, if not in person, at least in spirit.

Be well and stay safe.

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