Combining Data Governance and Business Analytics for Organizational Results

At MNIT, like many other organizations, labor is a significant portion of the IT Costs. This can create the challenge of knowing if you have positioned those human resources in the right places to bring value to the organization.

Join Cathy Wagner and Callie Martin on Tuesday, Sept 8 during their session at the IT Value Summit to learn the specific actions they took to succeed in this challenge, including projecting into the future. They will share processes and tools and you will get a sneak peek at their resulting dashboard.

Their tools and dashboards resolved a burning issue:

How can we support financial data conversations through-out the year not just at budget time?

Cathy and Callie’s talk is just one of a series through the day, all focused at discussing and maturing our concepts of the value of IT – how to define, measure, and communicate the value provided every day.

The entire Summit is virtual and Free, to support everyone struggling through COVID budget impacts. We look forward to having you join the discussion and growing the knowledge in our community.

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