IT Value Summit 2020 –

We hope you enjoyed the IT Value Summit. Get a recap by watching the conference videos

If you missed this opportunity to have peer discussion and learn from experts on how to define, measure, discuss and communicate IT Value to the organization at every step of your journey, you can watch the video replays here on the website, or over on our YouTube channel.


Summit Kickoff-

10am- 11am EDT

What is Value? A discussion of how to define and measure value, with take away examples of value metrics. Bring your questions about defining, measuring, and communicating value- or your success stories.

Session led by Nan Braun: Thavron Solutions

Cost Management – How can I talk Value when I don’t know all of the details?

11am-Noon EDT

You don’t have to have full maturity to talk value with the business/organization at large, and start having real impact on business outcomes.

Session led by Ginger Allen: Guidewell Solutions/Florida Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Internal Transparency- Not Just Self Reflection

Noon- 1pm EDT

If you are not going to show your analysis and reports outside of IT, how do you demonstrate value? Is this just a financial exercise, or can you impact real change?

Session led by Cathy Wagner and Callie Martin: Minnesota State IT (MNIT)

The Value of AppTCO: A Fireside Chat

1-2 PM EDT

Getting to AppTCO and unit rates can take a lot of work and data from your organization. Is it really worth the effort? Join Wyndham Boonzaier of ABSA who will share their journey with AppTCO, and then we will open up for discussion and Q/A

Moving the Value Conversation Forward- the Power of Services that are Actionable Levers

2-3 PM EDT

Having actionable levers for the organization can be transformational in the value perception outside of IT as well as real performance differences. Get lessons learned and join the discussion around the wins and potential problems in defining services for the organization.

Session led by David van Deusen ( recently retired) NYS Office of the State Comptroller

Enterprise Architecture and IT Finance- Natural Partners 3-4 PM

Having the right internal partners can significantly impact your success in designing and/or supporting value discussions. Enterprise Architecture is an often overlooked, but powerful partnership. Learn and Discuss how to build this relationship and the impact it can have.

Session led by Bryan Drake