Looking for knowledge and information that will turn you into an IT Finance/TBM Rockstar?

Thavron staff will be presenting the following Workshops and Presentations at the ITFMA Conference coming up April 14-16 in New Orleans:

  • Monday 1-4pm: Becoming a Better IT Financial and Business Process Modeler
  • Tuesday 1-4pm:  Best Practices for ITFM Needs Assessment and Vendor Evaluation
  • Wednesday 8 am:  How to Define the Value of IT
  • Wednesday 2 pm: The Pros and Cons of Tagging in the G/L
  • Thursday 9 am: a Fireside chat with Ginger Allen of Guidewell
  • Thursday 1 pm: Costing Virtual Assets

Make sure you mark your schedules for the sessions that solve your problems.

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