Software Selection and Requirements Assessment Workshop at Financial World of Information Technology

Workshop Group sitting around a table

The ‚ÄčThavron Solutions CEO and COO will be leading a half-day workshop on Requirements Assessment and Software Selection tools at the FInancial World of Information Technology Conference today.   “Automation Tools for ITFM/TBM like Apptio, Nicus, ComSci or EZTBM can be critical factors for organization success, but choosing the wrong software solution for your organization can be crippling,” said Nan Braun, CEO of Thavron Solutions, ” Organizations too often enter the process of decision making unprepared and strangled by what they don’t know about their organization.”  

The Thavron Workshop is designed to assist organizations who are making the Build Vs. Buy decision, as well as companies who are entering into a search for a software vendor.¬† Attendees learn how to assess themselves, how to prepare for the initial RFP and how to conduct an effective Proof of Concept.¬† “By sending them home with functional tools and templates, we hope to empower attendees to make software choices that can transform their organizations,” said COO Charles Creasy.

The workshop is also being offered as part of a Thavron Learn and Lead workshop on Nov 12, 2019, or is available for on-site or remote learning engagements. For more information about the workshop, email

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