The View from Success

When you are up to your elbows in data and models and troubleshooting, it can be hard to focus on the larger arc of your journey. What will actually happen when your consumers are presented with a set of services that are actionable levers, instead of flat IT allocations?

OLD WAY versus NEW WAY written on the white arrows, dilemmas concept.

Join  David van Deusen in his session on Services as Actionable Levers during the IT Value Summit on Tuesday, Sept 8. David took IT for NY State Comptroller’s office from chaos to operational services that drive their budgeting process- saving time and sanity for everyone. This is a not to be missed session and his practical lessons apply to organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Expecting your customers to change their behavior without levers is an act of futility

Be sure to RSVP and grab your seat for this session of the IT Value Summit on Tuesday, Sep 8. This session is just one of a series through the day, all focused at discussing and maturing our concepts of the value of IT – how to define, measure, and communicate the value provided every day.

The entire Summit is virtual and Free, to support everyone struggling through COVID budget impacts. We look forward to having you join the discussion and growing the knowledge in our community.

Have a success story of your own or a problem you want some insights into? Join the discussion at the IT Value Summit.

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