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Thavron is shifting all training classes into the virtual space. Without time away from work for travel, and with shorter, more focused classes and topics it is easier than ever to work that long-overdue training into schedules. Be sure to check out the calendar of upcoming classes that will make your team into exceptional performers and increase the return value from system investments.

Today‚Äôs IT Finance Manager/Analyst is required to understand Finance practices, operational IT data and data sources, as well as service portfolio management in order to help their organization thrive. 

Filling the gaps in your knowledge while helping to run the business can be a daunting task

To succeed, you must have skills in modeling, data analytics, report design and creation, budgeting and planning, and strategic thinking. However, most IT Finance Managers and Analysts come to the role with either a finance background or an Information Technology/Information Systems background, rarely both. 

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