Selecting an ITFM Software Vendor


The first Whitepaper in the 2019 ITFM Educational Series, use this guide to help you prepare and be successful as you choose an ITFM/TB Software solution.


 Thinking about adding or upgrading an ITFM/TBM Automation Software solution?  There is no single best solution, there is only the solution that is best for your organization.

Use this guide to help you prepare, organize and select the perfect solution to provide ROI for your organization.




Table of Contents:

Bottom Line Goals:  Getting ROI from your new software. 2

ROI Best Practices. 3

Get the best ROI from your choice by doing the following: 3

Gathering Requirements: 4

Sample Use Cases: Who, What, Why?. 5

Preparing for the initial call for vendors: 6

Understanding Data and Preparation for the POC. 7

Dating the Vendor 8

Divorcing the Vendor 9

Making it official. 10

Steps Summary: 11



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