Translating IT for Corporate Finance and the Board


Translating “IT speak” into language that aligns with the priorities of Corporate Finance and/or the Board revolutionizes the IT Budgeting discussion. This whitepaper will allow you to think more strategically about the IT Functions and the IT Budget as well as how to make communicating those with the organization more effective.


IT Storytelling combines business knowledge, narrative, and data presentation.  This whitepaper will give you insights into how corporate finance views value in your organization. It also provides tools for understanding business value and how to map the IT budget to things that matter to the organization.  Add in your own art of data presentation and the narrative of your particular corporate values and you will be creating IT Storytelling that brings insight for both IT and the business.

Key Concepts: Fiduciary Responsibility, Business Value, Business Capabilities, Value Stream Mapping, IT Storytelling.


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