When your world changes , how do you cope?

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This year has certainly proven out the axiom that in business, everything changes eventually. If you have modeled your IT Business Service costs, there are lots of changes that have happened that probably require an update or change to your model.

  1. Has your company undergone a re-org?
  2. Are you using a new technology to deliver the service?
  3. Did you outsource all or part of the service?
  4. Did you change vendors? Are you changing the billing model for your customers?

Changes in your business model may mean you need to change or update your Service Costing model. Proper Service Costing Governance should not just be about making financial tie outs, but about validating the logic and structure of your model as well.

Getting ready to embark on changes?

Be sure the following are on your To Do list:

  1. Have a High level Plan before you budget
    • How many moving pieces will you be juggling?
    • What is the Availability and Condition of the data?
    • How many consumers do you need to socialize your planned changes with?
  2. Be honest about the skills and capabilities of your own staff
    • Be sure to leave time for documentation and training where needed
  3. Leverage internal expert knowledge in IT System change where possible
  4. Validate both the model logic and the outcomes with stakeholders
  5. Know what can be validated outside of the system and where you need a parallel testing model
  6. Are your existing Test Cases adaptable for both before and after the model changes?
    • If it is a full system change, you will have to duplicate and update the test cases
  7. Do you need to make changes to the documented Use Cases for the system?

If you are getting ready to up date your model, make sure you review the slides we presented at the ITFMA Atlanta Conference in 2015 for more details.

All of our conference slides are available in ourĀ whitepaper library

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